James, Ariel and Trax
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 The Kitsune that started it all {Tag: James}

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PostSubject: The Kitsune that started it all {Tag: James}   Mon Nov 09, 2015 3:23 am

Tuptim watched as James hunted for his little girl, Ariel. Apparently she had become pregnant with his child which kind of made her unhappy. After all she was the one who had turned James, wasn't she the one who had a say in all that? After all his Kitsune did belong to her in a way.

Blue eyes narrowed as she watched him sneak up on the deer. He almost had it but the deer dodged him and ran away. After one more failure Tuptim rolled her eyes before she turned into her fox form. She gently snuck up behind the deer and hid in the grass when it turned it's head towards her. She made no sudden movement and kept her breathing easy. And once it looked away that was when she attacked.

Fangs tore into the deer's neck, killing it instantly before she dragged it away from James. Wanting to leave a trail of blood for him to find. She placed the deer on the ground before she sat on top of it. She watched as James made his way to her. Her head lifted up when he noticed her. To him she probably looked like a white fox, a fox that had stolen his prey, but that thought was going to change very soon.

"You should really learn how to hunt better." She said as she turned into her half form, showing her ears and tail. Her white hair fell on her back while she wore a little white dress. "It's actually kind of embarassing.. Since you know," Tuptim stopped as a smirk formed on her face, "I'm the one who turned you." She said, not wasting a single moment of revealing who she was.
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James Frollo

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PostSubject: Re: The Kitsune that started it all {Tag: James}   Mon Nov 09, 2015 10:25 am

James left the house so Ariel could take a nap and made his way to the forest. It was still early in the morning but if he didn't find anything for them to eat soon, they'd be stuck with cheese and bread again and he couldn't do that to her. Their child needed all of the nutrients it could get and what better to have her eat than a deer? Once he made it deep into the woods, James glanced around and waited for a few moments to make sure no one was around. When it was safe, he body gave off a soft glow as he shifted into his fox form. His fur was a golden color that shined in the sunlight, causing him to look like a mirage when he ran through the grass. He was rather large for a fox but he didn't mind. It only made things more afraid of attacking him in this form and it was a comfort. He sat silently for a moment, his eyes closed as his ears tried to pick up any movement in the area. Across the field stood a deer and a smile broke out onto his face. That could feed them for a while.
He shifted through the grass, making his way towards the deer. Once he was a good distance away, James lunged out to grab it by the neck but it dodged, causing him to tumble to the ground in a hard thud. He cursed under his breath and shook his body to get the dirt off. Piercing green eyes glared at the deer as it ran away from him and in frustration, he ran after and attacked it whenever he was close enough. With one last shot, James lunged once again but missed and tumbled down the hill, losing sight of the deer completely. He growled in frustration until his ears perked up at the sound of something ahead of him. After waiting a few moments, James made his way back up the hill only to find a trail of blood leading deeper into the forest. He stood frozen for a moment, wondering if it was a trap or not. A whiff of the blood hit his nose and he realized it belonged to the deer that he had just been tracking. His gaze darkened as he ran along the trail, wanting to find whoever stole his prey and teach them a lesson. Though he was still new at this whole thing, he still had to take care of himself. He turned a corner and slid to a stop when he saw the body of the deer lying before him, a white fox seated on the top.
"So you're the one stealing my prey.." His tone showed his irritation but he simply sat back and watched this strange fox. Something was off about it, like it was unnatural like he was. As if to answer his questions, the fox shifted into a girl with white hair. Her ears and tail still showed but he knew exactly what she was. She was like him.
He was drawn out of her thoughts when he heard her say that she was the one who turned him and his whole demeanor darkened. James shifted into his human form, green eyes glaring at the woman. "So you're the one that made my life a living hell...Thanks for that." Sarcasm bled through on the last words but he didn't care.
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The Kitsune that started it all {Tag: James}
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